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A Holistic System for All your Private Practice Needs



ONDADOT synchronizes your client's bookings and schedules with your billing process, helping to simplify your day-to-day front desk workload. It takes care of payment and documentation process to allow you to file for insurance claims easily while building your practice.



Automate your private health practice with an innovative system that helps your patient's book appointments with ease. Offering an intuitive interface, ONDADOT promises the ultimate booking experience with regular reminders, payment integrations, and confirmation systems.

Paperless Notes

ONDADOT offers customizable templates for assessments, notes, forms, and any other intakes you might want to send to your patients before the initial visit. Now, you can go paperless and stay organized always!

Simplified Health & Wellness Practice Management 


Online Billing Service

ONDADOT offers a powerful insurance billing solution that helps to you get paid faster and increase reimbursements.

Innovative Booking

ONDADOT provides a simple approach to bookings and appointment scheduling for health and wellness professionals. With features like reminders, calendar integration, payment integration, and more, you can be sure of fewer denials and more time for your patients.

Go Paperless, Stay Organized

One of the core principles of any health or wellness professional is to stay organized. With this principle in mind, ONDADOT assists you with office and front desk automation, allowing you to focus on your patients and growing your practice.

REAL HUMAN Support Group

Designed for health and wellness professionals, ONDADOT offers a support group made up of health experts who are ready to assist you in whatever area of your practice.

Save Time & Administrative Costs

ONDADOT guarantees a seamless approach to private practice. It takes away the stress involved with having to take care of the administrative aspects of your business, thus helping you save time and administrative cost, which can be channeled to other important aspects of your practice.

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