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powerful insurance billing solution that helps to you get paid faster and increase reimbursements.

How our medical billing service works

Start Smart

First, we'll introduce you to a dedicated billing manager. They'll get to know your practice, show you how ondadot works, and gather everything they need from you.

Equip Staff

Each day, your billing coordinator organizes your notes and superbills, submits your claims follow up payments with patients and payers, updates your demographics if needed, checks insurance eligibility for you. Prepare transactions report and all details regarding your billing process.

Billing Efficiency

Deal with insurance letters, denials, appeals, and billing reports.

Discover essential insights 

Claim Tracking
Follow your claims from charge submission to payment posting. 

Billing Analytics
Track your productivity and billing performance. Measure key performance indicators to identify ways to optimize your practice revenue.

Billing Tasks
Don't let billing tasks slow you down. We got you!

Ready to speed up your collections?