New Practice Shares Tips to Gaining 5,000 Patients During Pandemic

Dr. Mike Eldirani, founder of Life Medical Center, didn't listen to the nay-sayers when he opened a new clinic right after COVID-19 hit. Instead, he forged ahead courageously and grew beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

What was his secret? Dr. Eldirani shares six simple steps that fueled his success.

  1. Pick the Right Biller and Software Dr. Eldirani's first business decision was to hire a Medical Billing Company , which had used a powerful software to run its own finances since its inception 10 years earlier. They recommended adopting an EMR that combines with billing software for a seamless interface.

  2. Leverage Online Communications Life Medical Center also implemented electronic communication with patients and prospects. It put the system to work immediately to market flu shots and COVID tests on the internet. The response was fantastic. "In a single day, the clinic attracted 150 new patients for injections and tests, thanks to social media. It was a very clever way for new practice to get a foothold in the market." El Masri says.

  3. Ask for Reviews Similarly, Life Medical Center engages with patients online to boost social media reviews. "Patients are sent an after-visit survey about their experience," says Dr. Eldirani. "Comments are shared on social media. Patients are directed to our Google business page to leave a review as well. I am very active on social media myself, which also creates name recognition for the clinic. In just six months, we have earned 600+ Google reviews, almost all of them five stars. Amazing!"

  4. Reach out with Text and Email The clinic utilizes communication software to send patients texts and/or emails, remind them about upcoming appointments, schedule an exam, or even with them a happy birthday. "We find that patients like getting texts, compared with being hassled by a phone call," says El Masri. "It's so much more convenient for everyone. They can reply by text and resolve the matter quickly. Although we also do emails, people seem to prefer texts - especially with younger patients."

  5. Put Test Results in a Portal Their EHR is making a big difference with timely test notifications. Patients can check the findings on their own without needing to call the office - getting their results in hours, not days. This is faster than any other practice I've seen and is proving to be a genuine differentiator for the clinic, says El Masri.

  6. Listen and Respond - Online Dr. Eldirani especially likes the way that online communications help him improve patient satisfaction. Patients love being able to communicate with me directly through the portal. I respond promptly to every inquiry and comment, and act on patient suggestions for improvements. This responsiveness contributes to our great reviews."

The result of Dr. Eldirani's recommendations are indisputable. His start-up practice grew to 5,000 patients in its first six months - during a global pandemic - attributable to a great billing partner, superior software, and the power of the Internet. For help to start up your own new practice or improve revenue cycle processes, text us at 646-776-4893. Here to help.

Reference: Kareo Success Stories

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