Get your claims paid on-the-dot
by an expert

Tasks that once took up a majority of your time are now automated to free you up to focus more on getting your patients healthy.

  • Get the benefits of a professional medical biller at a price you can afford, and on-the-dot submissions with zero learning curve.

  • We'll take care of your medical billing so you can focus on patient care.

  • Get a team of specialists dedicated to your success.

  • Billing experts plus best-in-class software in one solution.


How our medical billing service works


First, we'll introduce you to a dedicated billing manager. They'll get to know your practice, show you how ondadot works, and gather everything they need from you.


Each day, your billing coordinator organizes your notes and superbills, submits your claims follow up payments with patients and payers, updates your demographics if needed, checks insurance eligibility for you. Prepare transactions report and all details regarding your billing process.


We deal with insurance letters, denials, appeals, and billing reports.

Powerful Rules Engine
Our nationwide billing rules with automatically flags claims issues before they leave your office.

Managed Billing

Schedule with ease and confidence. Built-in eligibility verification helps reduce denials and the work that denials require

Billing Analytics
Track your productivity and billing performance. We measure key performance indicators so we can actively look for ways to find your practice revenue.

Claim Tracking
Monitor where all your claims are, what their status is, and what is being done to get you paid.

Billing Tasks
Don't let billing tasks add up and slow you down. You care for your patients, we care for your revenue.

Secured Patient & Document Management
Cloud-based HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Records.

Discover essential insights 

Claim Tracking
Follow your claims from charge submission to payment posting. 

Billing Analytics
Track your productivity and billing performance. Measure key performance indicators to identify ways to optimize your practice revenue.

Billing Tasks
Don't let billing tasks slow you down. We got you!

System Integrations

and more...

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